We’ve been travelling the UK as full time pet sitters for six years, and in that time we’ve cared for over 150 dogs! We’ve seen almost every kind of dog food, toy, and accessory there is, so with that in mind we’ve put together our ULTIMATE list of Christmas gift ideas for the four-legged friends in your life, no matter their breed or age! When you’ve finished reading, head to our Christmas gift guide for dog owners and sitters!

Advent calendar

Kicking things off with a gift you can give your doggo right at the start of the season! This gorgeous advent calendar by Lily’s Kitchen contains treats including their Turkey Jerky, Chicken Bites and Chicken with Beef, every one made using grain-free recipes and freshly prepared meat and offal. Or for a more decadent treat, this Pooch and Mutt calendar is Cheese Fondue flavoured! The treats behind each door are cheese wedge shaped and contain added collagen and probiotics. Both calendars are suitable for dogs from 4 months old, and your pooch will love a tasty treat each morning of advent to get them excited about the festive season!

If you want to get creative, why not make your own advent calendar containing fun activities you and your dog can do together each day! Take a leaf out of Good Boy Ollie’s book and have fun coming up with festive activities for each day of advent.


Did someone say treats?! A perfect filler for your dog’s homemade advent calendar, or for their stocking! There are SO many fabulous options out there for your dog, from all the big-name brands you can trust. We love these Forthglade limited edition turkey soft bites, not least because they’re heart-shaped which gives them a more personal touch! These soft treats are great for older dogs with fewer teeth, and can easily be broken into two to make them last longer, or to share between multiple dogs!

The prize for cutest packaging goes to Denzel’s for their adorable (a-dog-able?) Christmas grotto gift box. Each grotto contains 3 limited-edition flavours – Gingerbread soft bake chews, Christmas Lunch bites and Pigs in Blanket bites! Your pooch will love to be included in Christmas lunch on the day, and speaking of Christmas traditions, doesn’t every dog deserve their own stocking? This sweet Pedigree Christmas stocking is full of all your familiar favourites – from Jumbones to Dentastix! After all those festive treats, giving your dog a dental chew might not be the worst idea!

If you’re making up your own stocking for your pooch, these Good Boy pigs in blankets treats are the perfect filler! And there are some super cute options for empty stockings available – from this sweet floppy-eared dog design to a more classic, personalised one.

Making festive treats at home could also be a good activity to add to your dog’s homemade advent calendar. The Kennel Club have a fantastic range of Christmas-themed treat recipes for you to get creative, from Snowball Pupcakes to Festive Gingerbread Owners! Just be sure to use xylitol-free peanut butter in your baking, and always exercise portion control!


Now we’ve covered advent treats and stockings, what about your dog’s food? Of course you should always introduce new foods to your dog over time, and there are some great festive foods for them to try this season. If you’ve ever given your dog Lily’s Kitchen wet food, you’ll know how crazy dogs go for it!! LK’s Three Bird Feast contains freshly prepared turkey as well as duck and goose, with seasonal parsnips and cranberries. Rich in protein and fibre, it’s good for your dog as well as tasting good!

Edgard & Cooper have their own take on Christmas dinner, with their Festive Turkey Feast paté. Packed with fresh meat and suitable for all breeds and sizes, your doggo will love having a taste of turkey via this wet food on Christmas Day.

Forthglade also have a Christmas turkey wet food, made with turkey, cranberry and parsnip. This food is high quality with a 75% turkey content, and a grain-free recipe making it easier for dogs to digest. No post-Christmas-lunch belly for your pooch!

For the all-in-one, ultimate food gift set for your dog, Pooch and Mutt have a Christmas Dinner Gift Box! Filled with Cheese Fondue treats (the same ones found in their advent calendar), Cheese Fondue dental sticks and Christmas Dinner flavoured wet food, it’s the perfect foodie trio for your pooch.


Let’s talk play time! There are some dog toys that we will recommend no matter the time of year, like Chuck-It Balls – the most durable, bouncy, buoyant and highly visible dog ball we’ve ever tried out! We love when we arrive at a house sit and the dogs have Chuck-It balls – the bright orange colour means there’s no digging through tall grass or undergrowth when a ball goes astray on our walkies! They’re also wipe clean which means they last longer than furry tennis balls.

Another toy we love to give dogs are snuffle mats. These textured felt mats have pockets to hide treats for your dog to find, and are a fantastic way to mentally stimulate your dog – we’ve read that just 20 minutes of playing with a snuffle mat is equivalent to an hour’s walk in terms of brain stimulation for your dog! We also discovered these snuffle balls while at a recent dog sit with Flat-Coated Retrievers Bramble, Nettle and Holly, and now we’re total advocates for those too – simply roll up treats into the fabric strips of the ball and let your dog have fun digging them out! Bramble, Nettle and Holly had one each that kept them occupied for at least half an hour on a rainy afternoon.

If you’re the kind of owner that loves to give your pooch a new festive toy each year (or if all their toys seem to have a life span of less than 12 months!!) there are a few Christmassy toys that we adore this year. Good Boy have created this Snowdog squeaky toy, based on the classic Snowman story. The perfect Winter buddy for your four-legged friend!

Suze is OBSESSED with these oinking pig toys – she can’t resist oinking them when we find them at house sits, or any time we see them in a shop!! The addition of a Santa hat makes it a good Christmas gift for your dog to play with come the big day. If you have more than one doggo, this set of 3 squeaky toys are great to keep them all entertained – even if they all want to chew the same one! The high quality soft cotton fabric makes them comfy to chew and your dogs can choose from a Santa, reindeer or gingerbread man!

For the grumpier dog in your life, this Grinch squeaky plush toy is the perfect gift to put a smile on their face. Whatever you choose, your dog will love to play with their new toy on Christmas Day, and the more interactive play things will serve as good entertainment while you’re all gathered around the table for Christmas lunch.

Dress up

One way to have fun with your dog come the festive season is to have a photoshoot together! (This could be another creative activity to add to your dog’s advent calendar!) For a way to add in another gift for your dog, why not have them pose in front of your Christmas tree, and hang a personalised dog bauble behind them! Etsy have tonnes of cute handmade options for every pooch.

Now let’s talk clothes! We can’t stop laughing at this red outfit with a little Santa riding on the back (this is when we LOVE looking at photos in reviews to see all the doggos living their best festive lives!!). Imagine your furry friend padding around the house on Christmas day with their own little Santa bobbing around on their back – totally adorable.

If your pooch has more main character energy, you can turn them into Santa with this little costume! Or for bigger dogs, a snuggly jumper with a Christmas pattern. If your dog doesn’t do well with wearing costumes, these sweet little knitted scarves could be the perfect alternative to achieve a Christmassy look without stressing out your dog.

If the weather in Winter permits, take your doggo out for a festive photoshoot on their favourite walk, and add some Christmas sparkle to their walkies outfit! Again, Etsy is a goldmine for festive leads and collars, while Amazon has a few good finds – like this jinglebell collar! You’ll never lose your dog on walks if they’re wearing a ruff of jingling bells! We also love this collar and lead set for a cohesive outfit, or a cute bowtie for a subtle and classy look. While you’re looking for good Christmas gifts for walkies, you can never go wrong with a new tag with a sweet message in case your dog wanders. The most heartwarming tag we’ve ever seen on a pet sit read ‘Please reunite me with my owner, I miss them’!

For the home

We often spend so much time buying gifts for the lead up to Christmas, or for the morning when everyone exchanges presents, but what about gifts for the evening of Christmas Day when everyone’s too full of turkey and Quality Street chocolates to move? We’ve got you covered with one of the best purchases we’ve made this year – a super soft, snuggly Oodie! Not only do Oodie make incredibly warm, high quality hoodies for humans, they now have a range of Oodies for doggos too! If your dog is often left out of matching-jammies shenanigans at Christmas, this is the year to tag them in and get them their very own dog Oodie to match with yours! We both invested in an Oodie this year and we’re SO glad we did – the hype about them is real as they keep us super toasty on chilly nights in our van, and dogs LOVE to cosy up in them with us!

While you’re relaxing in your snuggly Oodies, with the chaos and buzz of the day mostly over and you’re lying on the sofa watching some classic Christmas telly, it’s a great time to give your doggo a gentle brush. The Zoom Groom brush by Kong is made of rubber and gently massages your dog while grooming, so they’ll be super relaxed and happy, as well as tangle-free! For smaller dogs, we love brushes with a push button for easily removing fur from the brush once you’re finished grooming – it makes us happy every time a house sit has one as grooming becomes a breeze!

Once everyone’s got to the stage where they can no longer keep their eyes open, and it’s time to head to bed, there’s no snugglier place for your pup to rest their tired head than in an envelope bed. Essentially it’s a cosy bed with a hood over the top, so your dog can burrow in and get comfy while bring enveloped in fluffy material to keep them warm! When we pet sit Rocco, Raffles and Violet – the long dog trio – we see how much they absolutely LOVE theirs! So much so we struggle to get them out of it when it’s time to go outside!

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