• Achieve your reading goals with Goodreads

      As we tumbled out of the whirlwind that was 2020 and into the relative unknown of 2021, unsurprisingly we didn’t feel up to making lots of big New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of January. With so much uncertainty ahead, as we conceded to the UK’s third national lockdown and an abundance of travel restrictions, […]

    • Get walking with Stridekick

      It won’t come as a surprise that one of our absolute favourite pastimes is going for a long walk or hike. When we were coming up with the name for our Instagram page, which then became the name for our website, we wanted something that would encapsulate our love of animals as well as our […]

    • 5 things we didn’t know about van life until we tried it

      Since we began our full-time housesitting adventure almost three years ago, we’ve been curious about van life. The idea of living minimally, in a small home on wheels that can only fit your essentials, is not a far cry from how we live now. We’ve often thought that van life, interspersed with housesitting, would be […]

    • One Direction Theory and other mantras

      During our travels we have developed some phrases and mantras to keep us on track with our beliefs. Some of them encourage us to expand our comfort zone, some make us happier. But all of them help us stay on course to live the way that we want. Here are some of favourites: One Direction […]