Who are Chris+Suze?

We are a nomadic couple, pet sitting and travelling around the UK and beyond with our converted campervan. We love hiking, quirky places, and making furry friends! We’re here to share tips and tales from our adventures, and inspire you to start exploring too!

We met in 2011, in our hometown in Kent, and have been together ever since! We’ve always been interested in doing things differently, whether it’s staying in unusual places like yurts and school buses, going on multi-day hikes and climbing mountains, or leaving our jobs and building our own business from the ground up. We love taking on new adventures together and our life now is the amalgamation of all the things we’re passionate about – spending time with animals, exploring the UK, going on road trips abroad and being together every day.

Chris and Suze Go Walkies started on Instagram, as we needed a place to share daily candid snaps for our friends and family to follow our travels! We chose the name Go Walkies to encapsulate our lifestyle of travelling, pet care, hiking, and dog walking. Since then it’s developed into a way for us to connect with other travellers and pet sitters, and share our experiences and tips through our photos and blog posts.

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  • Favourite dog breed

    Italian Greyhound

  • Football team

    Tottenham Hotspur

  • Favourite film

    Baby Driver

Before we started travelling and pet sitting I built websites for a living, which has come in very handy for building this blog! Besides creating the website (and constantly tinkering with it!), one of my other main roles for our blog is to capture our special moments through my camera lens. Whether that’s taking shots of the places we travel to, or taking cute portraits of the pets we care for to send to our clients.

Outside of Chris and Suze Go Walkies, I love following the latest trends in the technology world –  spending hours watching YouTube, oggling over new gadgets that I can’t afford (or fit in our van!). I’m a self-proclaimed Apple fan boy, and – fun fact – I also used to work on their website! I love watching sports – in particular football and F1. For those that are interested, Tottenham Hotspur are my team! When I need to get away from screens, I love finding new places to walk the dogs we look after or playing our ever growing collection of board games!

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    Fall Out Boy

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I am vegetarian and love cooking from scratch, finding new recipes for delicious meals and baking sweet treats too. I enjoy creating things, whether it’s through cooking, sewing, painting or writing! I am the main writer for our blog, and I love sharing advice from our experiences in our posts, from pet sitter tips to places to visit.

My favourite pastime is walking and hiking, especially with a four-legged friend by my side, which is why travelling as pet sitters is perfect for me! I love taking on challenges like walking the entire Portland coastline in Dorset, or spending a week hiking the Hadrian’s Wall Path in Cumbria. At home, whether at a house sit or in our campervan, I enjoy playing card games and creating a ‘Hygge’ atmosphere wherever we are – making anywhere we stay feel like home – lighting candles, brewing a cuppa, snuggling up in blankets and reading a good book.

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About our pet sitting life

In 2016 we spent a year living in Brighton, walking dogs and looking after pets at home, gaining animal care experience. In January we gave up our day jobs and the flat we were renting to begin pet sitting nomadically full time! We spent two years exclusively using the Trusted Housesitters website to pet sit for free in exchange for the opportunity to travel and learn more about caring for a variety of animals. Our travels took us from Dartmoor to the Highlands of Scotland and beyond, as we completed house sits in Stockholm and Berlin too. We then added pet sitting website Rover into the mix, dipping our toes into paid pet sitting after years of growing our experience in both animal care and house sitting. (Check out our What Is House Sitting? blog post for discount codes to get you started on your own pet sitting journey!) By 2021 we’d racked up so many pet sits that we had almost a hundred testimonials about our house sitting abilities, so with a wealth of knowledge and five star reviews under our belts we launched our own pet sitting business.

Our pet sitting business

As we travelled up and down the UK for pet sitting gigs, we shared our adventures on our social media and blog. People began to find our website and invite us to house sit for them, so we made a dedicated website to allow people to find us and book us for pet sitting jobs. This was the start of our business! As Chris studied and worked as a web developer before we began pet sitting, he was able to design and build our website while Suze took care of writing the copy. Our business quickly grew as we had years of repeat clients already eager to book us as their regular sitters – by this time we knew how to do our job well, asking relevant questions, making sure we had all the information we’d need, and seamlessly fitting ourselves into a home owner’s routine. Word of mouth recommendations fuelled our success, and we are grateful to now have regular clients who book us to house sit for them multiple times throughout the year. We love to come back to care for pets we have bonded with, in routines we’re familiar with, but we do love to make new furry friends too! Our availability for the year gets almost entirely filled by mid January, so we have to make sure we book time off for ourselves so that we can take a break too!

Our Stats!

  • 275

    pets cared for

  • 139

    housesits completed

  • 7

    years of full time petsitting

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About Van Life

For the first few years of our nomadic lifestyle, it was our dream to balance pet sitting with van life. We envisaged it being the perfect combination – the luxuries of house living while at pet sits, with the freedom to travel anywhere we wanted in a campervan. In late 2020 we rented a high top VW Transporter called Homer from Quirky Campers, spending a week in the Lake District and Scotland to test out van life, splitting our time between campsites and wild camping. We had such a fantastic trip that in 2021 we rented a Peugeot Boxer from Quirky Campers, taking Floyd for a mini trip around Norfolk to try out another style of van, testing out Brit Stops as a way to find park ups each night. Really though, our hearts had been won by Homer and in early 2022 we found our dream van – our very own high top VW Transporter!

After spending years living in different home environments via house sitting, we designed our van’s layout knowing how we spend our days, and the kind of space we value in a home. For example, we prioritised fitting a large fridge in the kitchen unit as we enjoy cooking from scratch! For us, having a smaller campervan was vital as it would be our vehicle while pet sitting too – we didn’t want to arrive at house sits with a giant motorhome to park on home owners’ driveways, or navigate narrow country lanes during our more rural sits!

We hired a van converter to bring the campervan design to a basic standard, then we worked on the finishing touches ourselves to make our camper feel like home. As any self-built van owner will know, the work is never done! We’re always tinkering in our camper, redecorating and adding new elements as our needs change. We know this isn’t our forever van – in a future where we house sit less frequently to spend more time on our own adventures, we’ll need a bigger van! But our little Transporter is the perfect get around van while we’re still balancing UK house sitting and road trips abroad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The short answer is: YES! It’s a fantastic way to see places that you wouldn’t get to if not for house sitting, and you can live like a local while enjoying a whole new lifestyle. However, you have to remember that your responsibilities to the home owner and their pets are your main priority at all times. If you’re expecting to treat a home like an AirBnb, then house sitting is not for you.

  • We spent a year using Borrow My Doggy to gain experience with pet care before we began house sitting full time. We then signed up to Trusted Housesitters, where sitters apply to sit for free in exchange for the opportunity to travel and care for pets. Once we’d grown our pet care experience we joined Rover to book paid pet sitting jobs.

    We have written lots of blog posts to help you to begin pet sitting and we have a dedicated What Is House Sitting? blog post with discount codes for the websites we’ve used!

  • To enquire about our availability and rates, please see our dedicated pet sitting website.

  • For campsites, we use the Caravan Club to find places to stay around the U.K. We’ve pitched at a fair few of these sites now, and we always find they have great shower and toilet facilities, hot running water to wash up, and clean, level pitches for a good night’s sleep. Perfect for those times when we just need to relax and have everything taken care of!

    We enjoy using Brit Stops to find quirky places to stay for a night, using their dedicated book, from pubs to farm shops! There is a small charge for the book, which is valid for a year, but no charge to stay at the locations. It’s good to support these (usually small) businesses by buying a meal at the pubs or a few items from the shop locations.

    When we just need somewhere to park up and sleep as a quick stopover, we use Park4Night or Search For Sites to find low cost or free places to stay.