• Dicky Bag review: A must-have for walkies!

      Anyone walking a dog in the countryside can attest – there’s never a bin when you need one! We’ve carried full poo bags for MILES over the years on our dog walks, because there simply aren’t bins up mountains, deep in forests, or on rolling moorland. Don’t get us wrong – it would be a […]

    • Our experience at Dog Fest 2021

      If you’re as obsessed with dogs as we are, the idea of a festival for dogs will sound like your idea of HEAVEN! We were honoured to receive an invitation to Dog Fest as ambassadors for Borrow My Doggy, who gifted us tickets to Dog Fest North at Tatton Park, Cheshire. At the time of […]

    • Lake District Cabin life: Our stay at Hinterlandes

      It’s no secret that we LOVE a quirky stay! One of the best parts of house sitting is getting to experience life in all kinds of homes, and when we’re not house sitting, we enjoy finding the kookiest places to spend our time. From Airstreams and yurts to châteaus and shepherds huts, we’ve enjoyed our […]

    • Achieve your reading goals with Goodreads

      As we tumbled out of the whirlwind that was 2020 and into the relative unknown of 2021, unsurprisingly we didn’t feel up to making lots of big New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of January. With so much uncertainty ahead, as we conceded to the UK’s third national lockdown and an abundance of travel restrictions, […]

    • Get walking with Stridekick

      It won’t come as a surprise that one of our absolute favourite pastimes is going for a long walk or hike. When we were coming up with the name for our Instagram page, which then became the name for our website, we wanted something that would encapsulate our love of animals as well as our […]

    • Our top 5 travel games!

      One of our biggest take-aways from our time in lockdown at Round the Woods (and there were many, many transformational take-aways) is the importance of slowing down and being present in the moment. Whatever jobs we took on, we did so mindfully and carefully as we learnt new skills and took our time to do […]