• Dicky Bag review: A must-have for walkies!

      Anyone walking a dog in the countryside can attest – there’s never a bin when you need one! We’ve carried full poo bags for MILES over the years on our dog walks, because there simply aren’t bins up mountains, deep in forests, or on rolling moorland. Don’t get us wrong – it would be a […]

    • Our experience at Dog Fest 2021

      If you’re as obsessed with dogs as we are, the idea of a festival for dogs will sound like your idea of HEAVEN! We were honoured to receive an invitation to Dog Fest as ambassadors for Borrow My Doggy, who gifted us tickets to Dog Fest North at Tatton Park, Cheshire. At the time of […]

    • Caring for a female dog in season

      After three and a half years of house and pet sitting, caring for over ninety different dogs, we’ve only looked after three dogs in heat and they’ve all been in the past few months! The first at a rural house sit in Norfolk with four year old terrier Winnie, and most recently at our current […]

    • Borrow My Doggy Frequently Asked Questions

      Having spent the past month living at home with Suze’s parents, after all of our November housesits were cancelled due to a second UK lockdown, we couldn’t be more grateful for the existence of Borrow My Doggy to satiate our cravings for fluffy cuddles! We were fortunate enough to spend the first UK lockdown with […]

    • Borrow My Doggy review and our experience

      When our full time pet-sitting routine ground to a halt in March 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we had no idea just how long we’d be without furry friends. Over the past two and a half years we’ve gotten used to having temporary pets while housesitting, whether walking dogs, feeding donkeys or simply curling […]