I (Chris) am a massive techie, and there is no way I could travel full time without bringing lots of gadgets! A lot of this tech has helped make our lives a lot easier whilst on the road, so we wanted to put a list together to help you guys enjoy smooth travels too. Some of this stuff is quite pricey, but if you want to invest in good quality items that will last, it’s worth it!

Samsung T5 SSD Drive

Taking photographs is a big part of our travels. We both love photography but I’ve really gotten into developing my skills since we began our travels, and with a huuuge amount of photos we need a reliable way of storing them. The Samsung T5 SSD is one of the best hard drives on the market. It’s available with various storage capacities but keeps its incredibly small, travel-friendly size.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been a brilliant travel accessory for us. When we’re on the road, having a portable gaming system that we can fit in our bags and get out whenever we want to play is amazing! Not only that, but when we do get to a housesit we can plug the dock into a TV and use it like any other gaming console. It’s especially cool when the TV at a housesit is practically cinema-size, and we can have a serious gaming session! Whilst the Switch doesn’t have the same calibre as the latest Playstation and X-BOX, there’s a plethora of games available which are fun to play and hold up very well on a smaller console.

We have spent hours racing each other on Mario Kart, wandering the worlds of Zelda, and getting Chris’s beloved Tottenham Hotspur to be the greatest football club in the world (at least on FIFA).

Anker Portable Batteries

We both carry a portable battery with us on housesitting trips and other travels. We always take tonnes of photos and videos while travelling – whether it’s of the landscape around us or of the pets we are sitting, and this drains our batteries pretty quick. We also use these for long flights when we need to keep an iPad charged up so we can watch films, or even keeping our Nintendo Switches running so we can play games for hours!

Anker USB-C Hub

As well as being a big tech enthusiast, I’m also a self-confessed Apple fanboy. I use a MacBook Pro that, while thin and light to carry around, only has USB-C ports. For the times when I may need to connect devices which require different ports, I have this Anker USB-C 7-in-1 Hub. It also, quite handily, has slots for different memory cards which is very useful for transferring photos from my camera to my laptop for editing.

Anker Wall Charger

Another Anker product we use is the Anker USB-C 5-Port Wall Charger . The reason we take this is because we often have lots of things we need to charge up, and sometimes we only have one socket available to use in our room – it’s not surprising that older houses don’t often have lots of wall sockets. Using the Anker wall charger means we can charge 5 things at once, and don’t have to take turns to charge our phones.

SanDisk Ultra 64 GB Dual Type-C USB 3.0 Flash Drive USB

When working together on a project we often have to share files with each other. Whether it’s sending a photo to each other, or sharing documents. I have the latest MacBook Pro with USB-C ports, but Suze has an older MacBook with only USB ports. This little USB stick has both USB-C and USB 3 connector, which means we can both use it seamlessly! We also use this little drive for storing documents that we might need a back up of.

Apple AirPods

Another Apple product on the list is our AirPods. I have the latest AirPods Pro, whilst Suze has my old AirPods (a great benefit of dating a techie is getting the hand-me-downs when a new version comes out!). The Apple AirPods are great wireless headphones and the AirPods Pro have Noise Cancelling, which is so useful if working in noisy environments or even walking down the street. If you’re in the market for a good pair of over ear headphones with noise cancellation, not many headphones can beat these!

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal

We recently bought a DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal. For those who don’t know, a gimbal is useful if you want to get videos that are super smooth. Its gyrascope keeps your camera stabilised to remove any juddering you get when shooting handheld. This model in particular works really well for a mobile phone, with adjustable clips to keep your phone secure, and seeing as we are getting into our mobile photography and cinematography this gimbal has been a very useful addition to our travel kit.

Apple TV

When on long housesitting assignments, we do like to chill in front of the TV occasionally. Whilst a lot of the housesits we’ve completed have kindly offered us the use of their Netflix (and other TV services), we find it a lot easier to bring along our own Apple TV which we can plug in and have all our own apps and accounts set up and ready to go. We also have a large collection of films on iTunes on there, which can bring with us everywhere we go in a box the size of a phone.

Joby Tripod + Shutter Remote

The Joby Tripod and Shutter has to be one of the most useful gadgets we have on this list. There isn’t much to it – a tripod that holds a phone and a little remote clicker that connects to your phone via bluetooth. But with this setup we can take pictures of ourselves together without needing to ask anyone to take a picture for us. We invested in this pretty early on in our travels as we had lots of sweet photos of one of us with a pet, but not many together! It’s perfect for capturing our memories together.

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