• Amazing autumn walks at the National Trust

    Autumn is officially here! The air is chilly even when the sun is shining, and leaves are turning dazzling shades of yellow, orange and red before falling to make a colourful natural carpet on the ground below. This week we dug out our knitted hats, snuggly scarves and wooly gloves to prepare for the cold […]

  • 5 things we didn’t know about van life until we tried it

    Since we began our full-time housesitting adventure almost three years ago, we’ve been curious about van life. The idea of living minimally, in a small home on wheels that can only fit your essentials, is not a far cry from how we live now. We’ve often thought that van life, interspersed with housesitting, would be […]

  • Roaming with Homer: Our first #VanLife experience!

    Travelling and housesitting full time definitely has its perks. For close to three years we haven’t paid rent, worked 9-5 at jobs we hate, or been forced to live next to neighbours we don’t get on with. We haven’t bought toilet paper in almost three years! (That might be one of the stranger nuances of […]

  • 5 ways to keep fit on the road

    Going from the 9-5 lifestyle to full time housesitting, one of the changes we don’t often think about is our fitness and health. Without a set routine where we might cycle to the office, walk a little longer just to visit our favourite cafe for lunch, or hit the gym post-work, it becomes all too […]

  • Cornish Tipi Holidays: A secluded camping getaway

    In these strange times of social distancing, it’s almost a given to be feeling a little anxious while travelling. Travel restrictions and uncertainty have given rise to staycations in the UK and it shows – available housesits are few and far between as people abandon their plans to holiday abroad. While we’ve managed to secure […]

  • Top 10 Travel Tech we always take with us!

    I (Chris) am a massive techie, and there is no way I could travel full time without bringing lots of gadgets! A lot of this tech has helped make our lives a lot easier whilst on the road, so we wanted to put a list together to help you guys enjoy smooth travels too. Some […]