• How to take better photos of dogs

    We’ve had loads of compliments about the photos we take, and it really makes our day when we hear such lovely comments! So to return the favour we want to help you take better photos of your pets and improve your phoDOGraphy (sorry… not sorry)! Every camera is different, so it is worth learning how […]

  • How to satisfy your wanderlust in lockdown

    It’s safe to say our travels for 2020 haven’t exactly gone to plan. Like most of our housesitting buddies, we’ve had to deal with a colossal shortage of housesits, cancelled sits, last minute invitations and a complete strike through the list of adventures we had laid out for this year. You can read about what […]

  • Travelling during Covid: Our 2020 housesitting review

    On the 5th November the UK entered its second lockdown. At the time of writing, lockdown 2 is planned to end on the 2nd of December but, if we’ve learnt anything from 2020 it’s to expect the unexpected. We had three housesits lined up over November that we had to cancel in order to comply […]

  • Our top 5 travel games!

    One of our biggest take-aways from our time in lockdown at Round the Woods (and there were many, many transformational take-aways) is the importance of slowing down and being present in the moment. Whatever jobs we took on, we did so mindfully and carefully as we learnt new skills and took our time to do […]

  • Amazing autumn walks at the National Trust

    Autumn is officially here! The air is chilly even when the sun is shining, and leaves are turning dazzling shades of yellow, orange and red before falling to make a colourful natural carpet on the ground below. This week we dug out our knitted hats, snuggly scarves and wooly gloves to prepare for the cold […]

  • 5 things we didn’t know about van life until we tried it

    Since we began our full-time housesitting adventure almost three years ago, we’ve been curious about van life. The idea of living minimally, in a small home on wheels that can only fit your essentials, is not a far cry from how we live now. We’ve often thought that van life, interspersed with housesitting, would be […]